Russian Lips vs Classic Lips

August 16, 2022

Russian Lips vs Classic Lips


Many people wonder what the distinction is between Russian and Classic lips. Lip shapes and lip techniques are both fantastic, but they accomplish different things and suit different people in different ways.

Classic Lips

A heart-shaped lip is created by using the classic lip shape. Classic lips have a full cupid's bow tapering out the edges and a nice and full shape in the center of both the upper and lower lip. They also provide good side projection, making the lips appear juicy and hydrated. The classic lip gives you a fuller-bodied appearance and an all-over plumped effect.

Certain types of faces benefit greatly from the classic lip shape. For example, if your side profile is quite strong, with projection from your nose and chin, your lips should have a level of projection to be in harmony with the rest of your face.

Russian lips

The Russian technique is a collection of techniques used to achieve height on a lip. This means that the pink of the lip is raised higher on the top lip, creating the illusion of a shorter philtrum. Similarly, the bottom lip falls lower, creating a deeper 'v' shape curve toward the chin. The key difference with this technique is that it keeps the lips fairly flat from the side, giving you a more Bratz doll effect.

This technique is ideal for certain faces. For example, if you have really petite features, you don't want really projected lips because even if the lips alone don't look ducky, the overall effect will look disproportionate. It is ideal for people with a longer philtrum or a very thin top lip because it adds the necessary height to achieve facial harmony. Typically, this works best on virgin or unfilled lips so that the previous filler does not interfere with lip lifting. It is possible with minimal filler, but if this is the shape you want and you currently have filler in your lips, we would recommend dissolving the existing filler and starting over.

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